Hyperspermia - Complete details about its Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Hyperspermia is considered ejaculation greater than 5ml or 1 tsp that occurs on a consistent basis. In medicine, It is a condition in which a male has an abnormally large ejaculate (or semen) volume. Males with hyperspermia usually have higher sex drives than males that do not. It is the opposite of hypothermia and is generally defined in humans when the ejaculate is over 5.5 ml.


What is Hyperspermia?

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It is a condition that occurs when men expel abnormally large volumes of ejaculate fluid during ejaculation. The average amount of semen ejected per ejaculation is 2-6 mL. Ejaculations that expel more than 6.3 mL of fluid qualify as hyperspermia.

In order to leave the male body and enter the female reproductive system, sperm is accompanied by a variety of fluids, all of which make up ejaculate, or semen.When produced in healthy quantities, ejaculate plays an essential role in conception. While sperm are made in the testes, they do not join the fluid known as ejaculate until shortly before ejaculation.

Ejaculate is comprised of fluid from several regions: the seminal glands, the prostate, and Cowper's gland. However, 80% is provided by the seminal glands. Ejaculate is responsible for facilitating the sperm's movement, nourishment, and navigation through the female cervix in search of the egg. Without ejaculate, sperm would be unable to survive the process.

It may be caused by long periods of abstinence between ejaculations, causing abuild-upp of fluids. In this case, the ejaculate may contain an abnormally large number of dead or dysfunctional sperm, as it possible they expired in the body between ejaculations. This may complicate conception, as unhealthy or dead sperm are unable to fertilize an egg.

It is likely that seminal volume ejaculated during intercourse is higher than during masturbation.

What is Hyperspermia?

Definition - What does Hyperspermia mean?

Ejaculation is a phenomenon in which a male sex performer releases semen or sperm in high volume. Usually, medical hyperspermia definition describes this sexual disorder as, “It is a sexual phenomenon when a male discharges sexually with a lot of sperms almost equal or more than 5.5 ml.” Many men and boys consider it harmless and risk-free disorder, but in fact, it should be investigated to rule out the possibility of any complication later on. Sometimes, the men experience little pain during the discharge and often they have a lasting fatigue after having a sexual encounter.

While a limited amount of scientific research exists on the topic, it has been theorized that this condition may create issues with low sperm count or low sperm quality.

Hyperspermia - What is Hyperspermia? - Definition, Symptoms Causes, Treatment

In some cases it has been linked with/to:

  • males with a higher sex drive
  • males who get very thirsty after sex
  • males who have gone >5 days without sex
  • males with regular lapses in sex or masturbation
  • males who are overly hydrated (increases seminal volume)
Hyperspermia can be exacerbated/dangerous when:
  • NOT ejaculating on a regular basis which causes:
  • a large buildup of seminal fluids in the testicles
  • if not eliminated can possibly ruin your sex life and normality in that region forever
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Hyperspermia Symptoms

It is not a pathological condition. If a person experiences this disorder, then he may observe a number of hyperspermia symptoms and signs to confirm it. In general, the major signs and symptoms of hyperspermia may include following things.
  • Lasting discharge of sperms and semen
  • Stretchiness in sexual organ
  • A backache after finishing a discharge
  • Weakness and shortage of breath
  • Yellow or off-white color of sperms
  • Thin sperms and semen at the last moments
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Poor erection over time
  • Male impotence possibility etc.

Hyperspermia Causes

It carries more importance for a suffering person to know completely about the major hyperspermia causes. Usually, there are plenty of reasons behind this excessive fertility and release of sperms just in single ejaculation or sex session. Generally, following causes and reasons of hyperspermia are more common
  • Sex boosting devices and drugs
  • Addiction of drugs that make sperms thin and larger in quantity
  • Some sexual treatments, medicines, and surgeries
  • Consumption of high potency steroids and heavy diet having more proteins, fiber and nutrients
  • More gap in having ejaculation or sex etc.
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Hyperspermia Treatment

There are many questions about it and its seriousness. This kind of abnormality does not require any treatment unless and until it imparts some fertility issues or sexual problems. In general, there are many types of remedies, medicines, herbs, injections, physical exercises and cautions that can be used as the hyperspermia treatment. It is said that if a person cares and avoid having some types of sex enhancing drugs or general narcotics, then hyperspermia can be prevented successfully. If you are having trouble in seminal discharge along with hyperspermia then the proper diagnosis would be required before starting any kind of therapeutic treatment.

Problems of this severity are very rare. Medical knowledge on this topic is limited. Psychological issues arise. Some males have:
  • partner(s) who complain about the volume - i.e. too messy/"gross", etc... (rude)
  • it gives some males a complex quite honestly. I read several blogs online about this unfortunate phenomenon.
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